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100% of the students rate the instructors as knowledgeable. In fact, over 95% rate them as extremely knowledgeable.
Source: Student Evaluation Forms

Michael Bennett - Born to Teach:
"I have discovered that Michael's reason for disturbing others is not merely naughtiness. He feels an urgent need to share new found ideas, knowledge, concepts right when he learns them." -- Mrs. Johnson, Michael's 2nd grade teacher. Source: School report card.

"I highly recommend Michael Bennett of Bennett/Stellar University. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming...".
- Richard Bandler,
Creator of NLP & DHE

"Michael Bennett is like an enlightened angel who speaks with intuitive grace and imparts wisdom in a way that's just damn fun!"
- Sandra Paulini

"What do you get when you combine the skills of a highly experienced corporate facilitator with a master in neuro-linguistics and hypnosis? You get a magically effective instructor named Michael Bennett." --Michael Holbrook, President, The Holbrook Group Marketing & Public Relations Consulting.

Yeah, he looks like he should be hanging around at the beach, and he often is. However, what you may not see is that Michael is a spiritually based, outgoing, friendly & seasoned trainer. He has led more than one thousand classes and seminars for organizations throughout the US and the world.

Michael's entertaining and inspirational style of teaching, blended with humor and wisdom, makes him a favorite meeting and convention instructor & speaker. Michael Bennett is a licensed trainer and highly skilled Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, certified through the Society of NLP; a certified and Master Hypnotherapist; a Design Human Engineer™; a Neuro-Therapy Specialist; a Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner; Reiki Master; Interfaith Minister, and Advisory Member of the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy. Michael combines these disciplines throughout his seminars and retreats.

Click here for Elevation Magazine interview with Bennett / Stellar University instructor Michael Bennett. Interviewed by Sean Stephenson

Jacqui Taylor, the talent behind Outstanding Liv International, is an incredible woman who has led an inspirational life.
After 18 years working as a Foreign Exchange broker in the City of London, she made a decision that was to change the course of her life, as well as the lives of many others.

After the tragic death of a close friend and at the same time as coping with serious illness within her family, she experienced an awakening.

She realised that "life is a short, precious gift that we so often take for granted", and realised that her destiny was to help others find their own purpose in life and to help them achieve their dreams.

Jacqui's early life began at stage school appearing in many pantomimes and stage productions.
She cultivated and has continued an interest in both singing and song writing. Her love of the stage has now taken over into her teaching and she continues to be a presence on the platform in seminars, conferences and courses run for a variety of different organisations.
In 1991 she qualified as an Aromatherapist and worked part-time as the massage tutor for the Tisserand Institute of Aromatherapy.
This experience ignited her interest in bodywork and in the teaching of the basics to others. This was the beginning of a journey of discovery and an ever-increasing knowledge and understanding of bodywork, injury recovery, creating outstanding bodies and outstanding health for everyone.

Her expertise in psychology, NLP and hypnosis, has given her the ability to bring about paradigm shifts in her client's approach to mental and physical health. Overall, creating outstanding minds, bodies and spirits for leading outstanding lives.

Jacqui now practises as a Health, Life and Vitality Consultant, running a very successful holistic therapy business in North London, which incorporates most aspects of bodywork including Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Applied Kinesiology, Neurostructural Integration Technique as well as deep tissue massage and structural alignment. Her NLP and psychological approach to clients incorporates time line therapy, past lives, allergy process and phobias. Her aim is to create an Outstanding Life from a life that is ordinary, tapping into the potential that is inside all of us to be bigger and better than we ever thought possible. She will help you start living your dreams and creating an ever increasing fantastic future - a future that YOU deserve.

Qualifications: TIDHA, IFPA, MNLP, ChT, NLH, NLC, ALCM

Keith Livingston: Keith is the Director of “Hypnosis Now!” and often joins Michael as an instructor in the training programs, making for a truly entertaining duo. Blessed with an engaging and hypnotic speaking voice, Keith has been teaching since 1977 and has been in front of hundreds of audiences all over the world as a teacher, speaker or entertainer.

Whether it’s working one-on-one, speaking to the Seattle University master class in mental-health counseling or lecturing in Russia, it is NLP, Hypnosis and the human potential that he is passionate about — the enthusiasm is always contagious! Keith’s confidence, intelligence and engaging teaching style brings fun and focus from all his students. His initial hypnosis and NLP training was at The NLP Learning Center and his Master Practitioner and advanced Hypnotherapy training was achieved with Bennett/Stellar University. He has also trained with Robert Dilts, Michael Bennett, Carmine Baffa, Gerry and Stephanie Mader and many others. Keith is certified as a Hypnotherapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Instructor by the Professional Board of

Enough of our verbiage. Here is what our students have to say...

"Michael's style of teaching opens me to learning and understanding". "Michael, thank you kindly for all the energy, wisdom and heart you shared with us in our NLP training. I appreciate your superb teaching."
--Janet Blessing

I wanted to thank you for the mind blowing training that you and Keith gave to me(us) in Sedona. You really are a phenomenal teacher. You have a way of making learning stick. I still find myself laughing at your wonderful sense of humor and your bizarre Stellar ways. You're great. Thanks. --Carol B.

"Michael makes it possible! Learning is fun , all the information just said magically"

--Laurie Anderson

"You both are so knowledgeable and that has been very important to me, and more than that I appreciate how humorous, compassionate, and loving you were the entire class. You both are awesome!" --Lisa Voss

"I think of both of you as a friend. (I greatly value this)." --David Ashcraft

"Michael and Keith make a terrific team, each with his own style, both complimenting the other to provide a fantastic learning environment" --Gregory Lair

"Michael - you are awesome and are a true master of all things. Keith- you are also a magician of hypnotherapy - Thanks for being so amazing." --Maria Theilen

"Michael and Keith are very personable, extremely knowledgeable of the materials and quite patient regarding helping others work through their issues."
--Greg Buhler, Certified Mental Health Counselor

"I appreciated the warmth, humor and compassion of the instructors Michael and Keith. They created a safe environment in which to learn and change in a fun atmosphere that was extremely conducive to growth. I found the program to be very comfortable though exciting and expansive."
--Katelen T. Jeffreys

"A great learning environment: Safe, generative and flexible. Both Michael and Keith are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Michael and Keith I admire you both - you have a great synergy for training and I look forward to working with you in the future."
--Juhree Zimmerman, Personal Coach & Trainer

"What an enjoyable way to learn! The interaction and enormous ratio of practical work has made this a very profitable experience for me. My personal gain is so great as to make this a life changing and life enriching time for me." --Brenda MacDowell

" Many thanks to Michael Bennett for sharing his talents with us last month. Michael introduced us to the new rapid change techniques being used in NLP now. We could visibly see the effects in his demonstrations, so simple yet so workable."
--The National Guild of Hypnotists
Hypnotic Health Newsletter

"I really liked the mix of both Michael's and Keith's energy and teaching style. The breakout practice sessions are useful to apply what we learn as well as to keep the class energy up. Never once have I been bored this entire course. So many positives that I find myself creating new lines to describe them." --H.J.

"Relaxed training style was particularly empowering. Areas covered were expanded effectively and clearly. Questions, answers were covered and expanded upon effectively for clearer group understanding." --L.P.

"Michael - I am awed/impressed by your skillful calibration, and the fluidity of your therapeutic interventions; but most of all I identify with your genuine, authentic caring for all people. In my eyes, you are a masterful example. I am in the process of modeling my life after the example of this school." --Ines Jackman

"I and my better half had been working in the training business at different companies for almost 15 years. Most of our employers are in direct sales, business, insurance, and marketing people. Six years ago, we had started to learn NLP skills at different Asian countries, but we found our that we haven't made good use of the potential of NLP until we met Michael Bennett of Bennett / Stellar University.

We made a trip from our home town in Hong Kong to Seattle for two weeks, we had joined an accelerated class for NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Therapy. Most of our classmates were professionals and we all had the same thought that Michael was experienced and professional.

Two months have past, we found the skills we were taught work great for changing habits, motivating success, and spiritual healing. It was 100% applicable to our career."--Raymond and Maxine, Success Culture Ltd., Hong Kong, China

"The course was delivered in a relaxed, yet very professional manner with Michael Bennett taking opportunities to use participant's feelings and attitudes to demonstrate skills. The exercise of integrating skills on the final Friday was excellent."
--Stewart Devitt, Scotland

"Very fun and informative. Gave enough breaks while plowing through a lot of material. You created the best possible environment." --P.P.

"Michael!!... It is truly an honor to have received training from you!. I have really had a lot of fun putting so much of the learning into practice in my work environment. It's amazing to hypnotize a person without them knowing it, and then have them say, "No one has ever really made me stop and think the way you did!". Pretty cool! Thank you so much Michael!" --Catthi Olson Murphy

"Michael is very people oriented - he can relate to anyone in any situation. His skills have taught me to learn to open up to all people and ideas. I didn't comprehend any of this in the beginning. For me to not only understand but be able to do this stuff is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for being such a great teacher!" -- Chantay Huffman

"You both are so knowledgeable and that has been very important to me, and more than that I appreciate how humorous, compassionate, and loving you were the entire class. You both are awesome!" --K.K.

"I loved the teaching style. Many Many thanks for an excellent course. Much enjoyed and very valuable." --Martin Scott, Instructor, Ashridge College, England

"Michael and Keith do an exceptional job synthesizing the material with humor,compassion, and experience from their professional practices. Improvements are made throughout the training as both Michael and Keith incorporate student suggestions on a daily basis." --Timothy R. Brundrett, President & CEO
Performance, Research & Development, Inc.

"As a future counselor, I not only have the confidence of my abilities as a Master NLP Practitioner but also accomplishing great successes in all I do." V.S.

"You guys are extraordinary people and trainers. The material is well presented and fun. I can see how much it could benefit everyone. I have seen it change people's lives in the group."
--Carol Babb, Vancouver B.C.

"Thanks again so much. Both Michael and Keith are great, knowledgeable, skillful and incredibly funny!" --Cecelia C. Ryan

"Michael and Keith play off each other very well. Their complementary styles effectively enhance the presentation." --R.P.

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